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Anyone with knee issues?
I went to the rink today. I was doing some simple rotating jumps. My leg was ok except when I twisted my leg slightly on landing of a jump, there was a touch of soreness on the outside of the knee inside the leg. I stopped since I dont want to reinjure anything. So I might have sprained the LCL ligament, or it could be the tendon, not sure. Its about healed, but I'm wondering, would the scab gaskets be enough when I start back at the skatepark or should I tape it for more support or get a better brace for a couple more weeks until its strong again? I might try to take it easy another week just in case. I dont want to screw up my knees. I must have twisted it or something skating. Just I dont remember hurting it or pain afterwards. What a weird injury! Least its about healed. Just wondering if others have had injuries similar to this and any advice?

And THANK YOU Irene for recommending to get gaskets. I am thankful to have them now. I think minor injuries are a good scare to prevent more serious injuries later.
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