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the weight of my UHMW plastic sliders...
For you skate weight obsessed like me lol.

The distance between my hangers is a touch over 4 inches, but that will go pointy so thats neglegiable. I have 5 feet of 3 inch tall UHMW 3/4" thick plastic which weighs total of 4.5lbs. Just got it now!! They only need to be 2" high but I have it hooked to my bases and I want them to go down to the plate for extra support so I got extra to make the 2 1/4" tall sliders for my design. I need 1.25 feet length of this. OK, did the calculations. I will cut out about 2/3rd of the material out (est.) So the total weight for each skate of sliders is.........

3 ounces! :-D Maybe less.

I'm going for it! These are the best plastic ever. I just went up in weights at the gym, 5-10 lb plates. 2 weeks of lifting, they feel the same to me. So 3 ounces = nothing!! Here is the link to the design if you forgot:

Now help, I might not have this web job and might take a job at a sign shop as a graphic designer way down in the city. How can I not do overtime? I must skate!!!! :-D
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