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cutting out the center?
Does anyone think I will have a problem with my design by cutting out the center of the sliders by my plate? I thought I could have a piece coming down to the plate at the center or just drill lots of big holes in the center. I am light so think I can get away with it. I dont want to keep uploading the photo out of respect for Bernhard. Its the place where I put the goofy smiley face lol. Heres the link in case you dont know what I'm refering to.

Today's the day to start! :-D I'm not sure how long it will take to cut the plastic because I dont want to hurry so this will take several days I think total. How fun!

Est. total weight = 4.3 lbs max with 64mm wheels. I think next year or so, to cut weight best to focus on wheels with nylon cores, maybe smaller, 60mm.
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