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Slider Design
Did you know a guy named Lee Ettinger?

: I can't wait till we all have a chance to skate together. Joe, I did not know Paul. I started skating for Bauer in 1992.
: : Hey Robert the material is aluminium,I got it as an off cut for 5 bucks and cut it in my back yard with a cheap jigsaw on a milk crate,that's not an atempt to sound cool but hopefily a little inspiration to get folks fired up on not only thinking up, but making there new ideas,and at the price,,who gives a shit if you mess it up.
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: : By the by,when you skated for Bauer,was that the same era as Paul Malina?
: : hope your neck and shoulders are easing up dood.
: :
: : cheers joe
: :
: : ps: I swear one day wer'e all gonna get together for a huge sesh, looking well forward to that.
: : take it easy
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: : : You all amaze me. I love seeing all of these amazing ideas.
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: : : : Yo Joe, I like your design cept I don't have access to a machine shop. Is that material you used aluminium? Did you bend the right angles yurself? It's cool to have it all in one piece. If I could machine my own stuff, it would've been done long ago. Thanx
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: : : : : Hey Irene I think that slider setup could be quite unstable just by the sheer height of it and the amount of sideways presure on them while sliding.I still think for weight,price and ease of build the setup I posted of my skates would be prety hard to beat.Dont want to sound like a selfritius wanker,but they worked out a treat in every way,and you can set up the rails at any height and profile you care to cut them at.Just my opinion,I'm prety exited about them still.
: : : : :
: : : : : cheers joe
: : : : : : This is what I had in mind for my new setup. Not sure how it will work, but it's the lightest design so far. Easy on materials, just need long bolts, extra nuts, flat metal plate (for support) goes under the skateboard rails cut to fit, recessed nuts to attach rails. I will try stacking bearing spacers over the long bolts for added support. Thoughts, comments, snide remarks?
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