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my first cuts, comments?
Thats the concept of my design, so I CAN latch on. I couldnt latch on the coping at all with it straight and I dont want it low starting out cause my wheels will get caught since I'm new at this. Even dropping in, I couldnt clasp on at all to be more forward before dropping in. Now I am hoping I can slide a rail too! So I think I will go back to the semicircle idea. Even if rough, it will smooth out in time. Thanks for your input!

I know what you are saying about not skating. Its been 2 1/2 weeks for me with only 1 roll in the rink which set me back a bit again. Will be another week still. But I must let my knee heal. I dont know how to make it heal faster. My skates should be done this weekend though and I should get the bolts and wheels next week. I know I will have to roll a little, even if not in the park. I will tape it good, wear a brace or whatever I need to do just to take those for a spin. :-D

: As usual, you designer folks are impressing me. I like the design with the semi circle. It gives you the ability to latch on to the coping for stahls and also gives you the ability to slide. I am using Rollergirl's grind plates and they are awesome, but not really good for plate stahls. I like to latch on to the coping and feel secure as long as I don't get hung up. Maybe one day soon I will actually skate. I am hoping a few more sessions at the Chiroprator will get me where I need to be. It has been so long that I may need to spend two weeks just to get back what I had worked so hard at.
: : Here are my first cuts. Thanks Gamblin, cause now I know I can go in OK! Any comments on the notch before I finish? Just want something so I can clasp. So far 2.5 ounces as shown so it will be less then 1.5 ounces each when I'm done. Let it snow lol......... :-D
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