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Brian (pictures by Brian)
radical rollerskates from Holland
Hi, welcome to the forum, it is always cool to see a new visitor. I checked out the site and looked at the picture. It is hard to tell really, how wide the trucks are. If Dave is right and they are manufactured by Sure Grip you can check out a picture of the wide hangers on the Skates on Haight site found on the resources page. It does look like to me though that the boots have extreamly high heels, which could be a bit wierd on transition, causing you to lean forward to much. Lee Cole at Skates on Haight would build up some skates for you with the same plates and the wide trucks and he could set them up with a lower boot like the Riedell Carrera Sport. I ride this boot and love it. Thanks for bringing this source to our attention, I am sure everyone is pleased to hear about another place to get "radical" rollerskates. I hope your search is succesful, happy rolling. Brian
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