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shock pads?
: : : Has anyone tried anything like this?
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: : :
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: : : I assume they would lessen impact, reduce vibration? I'm not sure if something like that should be something I should think about later since I dont want to mess up my knees and I love jumpin!
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: : They just lessen vibration to the board so there is less likelihood it will crack.
: I've got Dr. Scholl's gel insoles in my boots...Are you gellin'?
: The risers will make your skates a little taller besides

OK, I B gellin next time around! Its weird, every skate I've had has been too big. But these 265s are cut snug. They have so much padding in the tongue to the end which makes the toe length shorter too, I dont have room for thick insoles or thick socks. Next time around I'll up 1/2 size with a super narrow heel, then I can cushion up! They fit great without much padding tho.

I wish I could get trucks with springs. But then I would jump the fence to the skatepark lol. :-O
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