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picture and question
I just dont want the sliders to break too soon cause it took me 3 days to make em lol. I'm not sure if I do need a toe guard, maybe just put a bunch of tape on the front of the plate. Yes, bad ass skates! I even got skulls on the front of the trucks lol.

: Those are bad ass! I am so jealous. My philosophy is ride it and try it till it breaks. In all of my early years of skating, I only broke one plate! When I was inlining in France I broke wheels almost everyday. lol
: : Here are my skates, about done! I need to get shorter bolts for the front tomorrow for the toe guard. Should I put a 6-32 bolt between the sliders to increase stability or no? I can counter sink it. Is this OK? I've decided extra soft cushions and the soft wheels for now cause the park is closing and I might want to grind some on the street for a bit.
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