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skates are done and tested!
Theres something very sexy about skates with wide trucks..

cheers joe

: I put my softer roller skate wheels on while I mess around on the streets. I used the extra soft cushions and they feel perfect for me with only 2 threads left so they seem right. But I LOVE these skates, roll great. The trucks are further back so sometimes when I spin I knock wheels. I skate OK with them this wide in general so dont think I will need much adjustment time. The still spin fine. I dont think I can fall forwards/backwards much now! Stable, heck yeah. Yep, midnight skate lol.
: I just taped some pieces of leather for "bumpers" instead of a toe guards since my plate is too far forward I think to hit my toes. I will see if I need to bolt one on later. I might go to the park this weekend, I'm bad! I have a knee brace for caution.
: I stood on my rail to feel the sliders tonight. They feel plenty stable and clasp on just like I wanted, very happy bout them. Wow, first snow, now ice lol, ver SLIPPERY! I think I will bust my ass with these skates a lot lol. They might be more advanced then I'm ready for but hopefully soon I will figure out how to use the sliders. And I'm one happy girl!!! Cant wait to take them on the ramps and put on the skateboard wheels. Awesome.......
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