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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
Where have you been skating lately?
: Check it out on Jim Rees web site.

Great stuff! I will add this link to the resources. BTW: Shall I change the forum software that it displays stuff that begins with http:// as a clickable link?

: We also had a nice indoor park here called EastWood Ramp Park until last week, it contained a 32ft. wide 13ft. tall vert ramp with skatelite and a obstacle course with boxes, ledges, various 1/4 pipes, and even a rythm section(built for bikers) but fully skateable. Since it's demise last week, parts of this park will live on elsewhere , some of it will go to another park here called the SkateBarn in Hampstead, NC. Just a quick 25 min. drive.


: So I guess it has been pretty nice down here although I spend most of my time at the moment rehabbing my wrist.

Speedy recovery to your wrist!

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