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The Viking at Youtube
Thats a shame, she skated so well! I guess injury causes many people to stop or family? I hope someone proves you wrong.

Well, looks like I did all the wrong sports prior to skating, but those moves are beyond what I will ever do. I want to have fun but would rather avoid serious injury then to push myself too far. I just skated first time today. I really sucked today, couldnt do much. My knee is still not there but felt I had to roll. I got in a quick 1/2 hour and hope my knee is no worse tomorrow to do it again lol.

: : Is that Elen Fischer in that video too? I think thats her in the white shirt, red/orange shorts and long brown ponytail. Does she still skate? I saw one video of her and shes one of my heros lol. But I was told that was a very old video.
: It's Ellen, I don't think she is still skating, but I would like to be proven otherwise, and yes, the video is quite old (some 15 years).
: : : his last run in Birmingham:
: : :
: :
: : Was he on inlines in this one? His movements suggest so.
: That's definitely him, yes.
: : All I can saw is WOW, how does one learn to twist like that?
: I don't know much about Cesar Mora. The Danes had quite a background as high divers, some Germans were parachuters. Trampoline seems to be useful, too.
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