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Good Old Dayzzzz
Hi Jodi, I do remember you. Nice to hear from you! I remember my parents driving us to Marina Del Rey to skate at a contest. I ran into Paul Votava around 1992. He was skating at Mike McGill's skate park and I ended up giving him a ride to a friend's house. At the time he was a Bouncer/roadie for bands. Dude, you need to get back on your skates! Do you have any good pictures from the Skatercross days? I have no good pics from that era.

: Hey Bobby!
: Do you remember me? We use to skate together at Reseda. I have been wondering what happened to Paul Votava myself. I live in San Diego now and don't skate just snowboard every chance I get.
: : Hi John,
: :
: : I don't know if you remember me, but I skated with you in ASPO. I was on the Skatercross team with Paul. I was pretty young back then. After 14 years off of the rollerskates, I got back into it about 8 months ago. I was doing pretty well until I broke my elbow really badly. Anyway, after four months of healing, I started again. I have hit the park everyday this week.
: :
: : : I remember many old time roller skaters. Paul Votava was a good buddy (i've lost contact though). Roll-out-twist-flip was my favorite trick to do, also the front-side in-pool flip. Ah, with age comes the sense of self-preservation. My mind says I could do it again but my body won't let me. The photo of me was in 1978 at Oasis in San Diego.
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