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OK guess I'll get RocknRons Missiles. Not sure if they are better then the swiss 6, just know abec means crap. Bearings I heard basically all suck nowadays. I need SPEED!!!!!

: Goodgood did you read any of his history and opinions of the skate INDUSTRY.Good dood.Get some and do him and you a favour.
: cheers joe
: : Hey, found some on the internet and they say Missiles are faster then the rockets for steel. I think ceramics are not so necessary? I'm not a pro...
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: : Are those faster then swiss6? I'm not going to ask for much for Christmas this year but I want bearings and maybe something warm to wear so its not so cold for winter skating. I will see if tomorrow I can find out where the concrete ditches are locally to see of my 95a wheels will be OK. I'll do that when the park closes! I think my speed for pumping is more form (and my dumb a$$ knee) right now then bearings honestly, but I have abec BSB and they suck. Unless they come up with trucks with springs, I think I'm fairly set on my general set up, pretty close to perfect!! I hope my plates and trucks last me til I die. Gosh, too bad I cant get a new knee for Christmas cause I'm all pumped up now to grind and all.
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: : : Hey Claudine Ifn your after bearings I'd highly recomend Rockin Rons Balistec Rockets.They are as good as they come and at a fraction of the price of the name brands and none of the b/s factor.Search up his history on the web and read about how all the bearing companies have been pulling our pants down for years.Interesting stuff with a good ending,we should suport doods like that.
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: : : cheers joe
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: : : : : : My Mom is going to Germany any day now. Is there anything there that she can bring me back skating wise?
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: : : : : Tough question. There were times when some people offered roller skating base place similar to the ones from tracker. But that is long ago and I never actually saw one of those. And you got some base plates anyhow now, so that's not your immediate need ...
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: : : : I think my skates are about as good as it gets now, except the bearings. Couldnt be much happier with them. But I thought I would ask just in case you guys have something that I would never be able to get in the US. Guess if she asks, I'll ask for chocolate lol.
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