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Me and Holly at my skatepark!
For me, my injuries seem to stem from overuse. I'm not in shape yet so now incorporating rest days. My knee started to hurt Thurs. from pushing my legs while skating fast, using my inner thigh muscles so I think I just strained it from being overly tired. I'm learning patience. Its gonna take awhile with my strength training program to get where I want to be. My body doesnt seem to react quickly to building strong muscles lol. I will be sticking to this all winter hoping that in 3-5 months I will have good results. I've realized I cant just jump into this expecting to be as fit as I was. Takes longer as you get older to get back into shape.

I'm looking now to get an internship or something soon in web. I have to take this route to get experience. Money will be a major problem for awhile, but it will pay off later. If you need my resume, its on my website

In the meantime, trying to keep busy myself studying and learning/building a better website. I'm working on an image of Duke right now! :-D That guy skates with such style and good form. I look like a frog lol.

: I seriously don't get all of these injuries. It seems all of your exercise and accident prevention should be keeping you healthy. I feel like I am falling apart. I felt great yesterday and this morning I thought about skating. I just got back from washing my car and the store and my neck is locked up again. I am going skating this week no matter what! Even if it means getting padded up and taking one run. Claudine, have you tried getting any freelance design work? If you would like, I can try to get some names of people for you to contact? I can't remember, if you sent me your resume, but I do remember seeing your portfolio. It would be cool, if you could work from home doing some graphic design work.
: : We actually dont get much snow here. :-D It gets dang cold tho! But if I had money, I would be over there in a minute and would LOVE to skate with you cause its not like I have a job lol. Just right now I am limiting myself to 2-3 days skating a week and 2 days hard lifting weights to get strong. LOL, I know doesnt look like it but I am actually trying. But on Thurs. when I skated the streets, my knee got sore from using my inner thighs pushing. So I am sure I hurt my knee by over skating, not twisting it. Somehow I need self control skating and STOP when my legs hurt. Gosh, this should be an easy problem to solve but once I get started, I wanna keep sk8n!
: :
: : Dang, I'm itching to jump, I mean REALLY jump, start doing some tricks or something. But with 2 knee braces on one knee, I can hardly bend it much less bring my knees up. I do my best and its still fun. Dont overdo it Robert! I am telling you this cause you and I are alike it seems. If I could give myself a sugar rush and had some good tunes playing, I would love to dive into a bowl right now!
: :
: : : I would love to visit and skate a new park. I am guessing the snow will not allow you to skate for a while. I guess you will have to visit So Cal and I will take you to so many parks I have never gone to. I need that type of motivation. We can hit at least six parks in an hour drive. If there is rain, which we rarely get, we might have to be so unfortunate to have to skate the Van's park. It is indoors and in a great mall with bars and stores. That might be such a bummer. : ) If I was not injured and could skate better I would hit Van's, but it is one of the parks that costs money and I have a free park about two miles away. I live in a very skate friendly area. I plan on skating tomorrow or monday for the first time in five weeks. I was able to play paddle tennis with my brother and father this weekend and definitely felt the muscles I have not worked. I am going to change chiropractors and expect to skate soon. I almost went today, but drove home from my parents for two hours and then ran errands. I almost skated, but I was sore from my paddle tennis and had blisters. If I don't sktae this week, please call me on it and get my ass out there. : )
: : :
: : : : Hey, come join the party! You can come skate with us anytime!! That would be so funny, one day the skatepark is taken over by roller skaters lol.
: : : :
: : : : : Great pic. It is awesome you have a skate buddy.
: : : : :
: : : : : : I'm the one with the orange helmet and baggy pants with butt pads on lol, with my knee pad falling down lol. Yep, thats ME. I'll put up more photos later! I have video of me skating too. :-D Best day ever skating! I now have a skating pal. :-D Awwwwww, shux!
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