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Hey Bernhard looking forward to meeting up again in Melbs,hoping to skate friday night at the Shed and maybe we can get you into Ludis spare skates for a sesh.My ass is still sore from the slam but I should be cool friday night.Shame you couldn't get to see Rollerball skate live at monster,It was like truck racing,big,brutal and very rad,dood is a legend.Anyhoo we'll catch you soon.

cheers joe

: Just a short update on my Sydney odyssee. I arrived at 12:30 with the Greyhound and found something on the web about the SOS jam taking place in San Remo, north of Wyong. Bought a train ticket to Wyong and luckily got Harry on the phone just before hopping on the train (I think it would have taken three hours to San Remo). So we negotiated a meeting at Strathford station. It took also quite some time to get there because I had to take the bus instead of the train. Happily, we then met there but then went immediately to Bondi where the after skate party and price giving took place. There we also met Paul "Rollerball" Jessup and Boris (don't know if I remember the name correctly). We had a great time at the party. The creme of the Australian vert roller skating scene together in one place! On sunday morning, Harry, Joe, Karl ("Mr. Skull") and me got lifted by one of the SOS guys to the skate park 5Point where Harry and Joe had session. Joe taking it a bit easy since he had a nasty slam at the SOS jam. Before the MOSS guys left for their flight back to Sydney, we went to the Centennial Park in Waverley (I think Bondi is a part of Waverley or vice versa) where we were chilling and watching the SOS guys doing downhill on the most abnormal land luge contraptions. One even was motor driven to ease the way back uphill!
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