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Great !!! For secure individual to individual transfert, we have at least 2 options:
(1) by Western Union,
(2) bank to bank transfert.
In the first case, I need to know your name, adress writen on you ID card or passeport (details on westernion dot com)
I call my bank tomorrow for having more infos about option (2). More news tomorrow....

Thank you for your offer if I can come in country!!!!


: You guys,,,yea I dropped the wheels off with the concierge at Bernhards mates apartment and he flies home in two days so I'm guessing you should see the wheels within a week or so.That would be rad if you came out, you'd have a place to stay for free no probs.Not sure of the best way to send/recieve payment,if you know a way then let me know or I'll look into what options we have..
: cheers joe
: : hahaha, well in order to get babies, take care of the hornies is the first step, hu?.....
: :
: : : Hope you can take care of the hornies so you dont go mad hahaha.......
: : :
: : : : Hey zorg I'm madly trying to get hold of the hornets,they are put aside for me but having trouble getting hold of the dood,should be no problems.Cortecs are 60 mm discs (biggest he's got at present but are fucken awsome)is that gonna be cool?Bernhard goes back in 4 days so should be heaps of time to work out the hornets,me and Ludi had a skate with him in Melbourne last night,was fun,he's a hell of a nice bloke.
: : : :
: : : : cheers joe
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