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swiss6 vs. Rons Missiles
As I have mentioned, I have never been much into equipment and taking care of it is even worse for me. I would love some recommendations on taking care of my bearings?

: OK, think I'll wait. Read that they are best for acceleration and I need SPEED for AIR! Hey, wonder if they come with missiles I can attach to myself to get sum serious air hahahaha!
: : The lifespan of good bearings comes down to how you look after them.Clean and service them with quality lube and they will last a long time.Street skaters usualy buy cheap bearings as on the street you are always riding through dirt and crap and speed is not that important(look at street wheel sizes).The bones lineup seems to be a prety good standard but I'd hang out for the rons myself.
: :
: : cheers joe
: :
: : : Seems like the missiles are still out of stock. They are $13 cheapier so not that much different. I read they accelerate much better then the 6's which is what I want and are as good as new 2 yrs later, is this true? So should I just wait? Lisa has 6's though!
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