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I just submitted my Dear Santa letter. I'm asking for missiles and video camera and listed both. I'm thinking about messing with quad speed skating this winter but I just saw a video of the indoor skatepark an hour away and they have this 5 foot double halfpipe with a 5 foot spine between and that just got me too excited! So I think I will continue to hurt myself lol.

: Claudine, I know how you love to research so check these out:
: It sounds like a descent camera for the price. I did not want to go over $200, but once I researched I found the Canon S5 IS to be the perfect choice for skate videos and pics. Also, if you read the above forum it tells of some good places to buy SD cards. I just bought a 4GB 6 class from for $29.99.
: : Santa is asking me what I want for Christmas and I said I was a very good girl lol! He said it has to be in a box, so no new job or new legs lol. I'm thinking of asking for this for simple video:
: :
: : Nikkon CoolPix L10
: : 2GB Sandisk SD Card
: :
: : Anyone try this one?
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