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Pumping for Claudine
Yeah Robert, UR great! :-D No worry on the flips cause thats out for me too, maybe just some inverts. OK, I'm too old to try flips.

I see it better now. Not sure why I missed the idea of the pump on dropping in before I hit the flat. I guess like I said I was just focused on dropping in then the coping on the other side. I think since I just started, at first just dropping in was hard so I just held myself in place to the other side.

I wish I could practice it this weekend but there is snow, ice and slush on the roads and it might snow tomorrow. I hope it clears up by next weekend! I've been doing deep squats to my heels this week. Started with 3-5 before I felt pain, now I can do 30. So I think my knee is getting better! There is an indoor place (an hour away though) that has a 5 foot halfpipe with 5 foot spine so on occassion, I hope to practice this winter!

Please do simple videos. I have no idea yet on grinding. I hope by Feb. or March I can be jumping to do those. I'm also working on seeing if I can put toe stops on with my plates forward so then I can use those too!

Oh Robert, do you have a video on how to learn how to program? I lost my brain and I cant find it. I want to change my major to roller skating lol.

: Hey Robert that's some very clean layback airs man,and Claudine,When you get over the watching the rad moves,there is everything you need to know about pumping right there..Enjoy,,I did.
: cheers joe
: : Great!!!! you are autenthic rollerskater!! Cheers!!
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: : : Hi Claudine,
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: : : I don't know if this will help, but it is an old video of me on inline skates and rollerskates. Maybe you can get something watching the dropping in. I hope to have current stuff soon and I will not be doing flips at this time, but a lot of grinds and carving.
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