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If you prefer, with your international IBAN and BIC numbers (+your name), I can make a bank transfert (I am trying this with Bernhard ;-)). Just send me the info on my email.
(I can give you a phone call you if you prefer)
For transmiting personal info, you can use my email adress at cergy or yahoo.



: Yea,,sorry Zorg,,still not sure what way to do it.We had a bad experience with Western Union a couple of months back but if your confident with them then how do we do it?
: cheers joe
: I sent you an email Joe, did you receive it?
: : Cheers
: :
: : :
: : :
: : : I can make money transfert to you with Western union or directly from bank to bank. For the wheel amount, Western is simple. For security/not polluting the forum, maybe we should see this by email. Do you have an email Joe? I have Bernhard email, but not yours. (Bernhard can email me yours if you want to keep it).
: : : : (Sorry for beiing late, my work kept me quit busy this week.)
: : : :
: : : : Cheers
: : : :
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