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winter activities?
Snowboarding is fun, but only 1 week every 2 years for me....
And why not mounting small blades instead of the wheels (like skateboards) for ice quad skating!!!!! Add a small sail, wind and a wide frozen lake...

: Street skating, as long as the ground is dry, can be done all winter.
: Snowboarding is expensive, but fun. I went yesterday and will be in Vermont over the holidays.
: Balance board. Skate indoor parks, we drive 1.5hrs each way for vert.
: : This sunday we drove 200km to reach an indoor park with a bowl: 4hours driving=4hours skating!!!! but it was worth the travel!!!
: : Indoor climbing too is fun!!
: :
: : : Rain, sleet, snow here for over a week and a half, so no skating. I was going to ask to do some indoor speed skating for Christmas but no word yet. Now I might ask to go to the skatepark thats far hopefully once a week through Feb. I dont have much money to travel/rinks right now.
: : :
: : : What do others do? I'm mostly watching u-tube lol. In another couple weeks I will start to run. Knee still healing for that. I should ride my bike on the trainer but that gets boring real quick. Lifting weights is OK, but doesnt get my blood moving the same to make me feel good and soon the gym closes for a month.
: : :
: : : Is once or twice a week skating OK to keep me in shape? What do others do? I hate winter......
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