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YAY! ;-D
Good onya dood,Ive had a bit of down time too after a big slam in sydney and then I had my nackers snipped a few days back but theres a vert sesh going down this sunday morn that I'm busting to get to.Keep us filled in with your progresion.

cheers joe

: The bigger wheels made turning harder? Maybe talk to Lisa about softer bushions? They help me and are cheap. I noticed a HUGE difference on handling with the big grippy but hard skateboard wheels. It was AMAZING. I have no idea how others skate but next time around, I might just look for something lighter but not much different. The big wheels go over things on outdoor skateparks really smooth.
: So how do you feel, OK? I'm so happy you skated! I hope you take videos of grinds and stahls cause I hope to do them one day soon. Being injured is awful. I havent for a week and 1/2. Tomorrow I am skating with the speed team indoors. Its raining/snowing and cold here, not good for skating and my knee is still sore so its probably a good idea to lay low on the skatepark. The speed team is twice a week but its pay as go so I can go whenever the weather is bad or I need to rest from aggressive stuff. That seems to me to be my best choice for low key rink skating. I'm REALLY excited to skate! After practice is 18 and older skate, no extra charge. I plan on being butt tired tomorrow night and sleep with a big ol smile on my face. :-D
: : Well, after about two months I finally hit the park. I got to try out my new SPF wheels and they are really smooth and fast. I did notice a huge difference in turning between 52mm and 58mm wheels or just the difference in shape. I am hoping by loosening up my trucks, I can get the same ride I had with my 52mm's. I had my trucks really loose and could turn really well. My new setup barely allows me to turn at all. Overall, I had a great session. I only skated for 45 minutes. I did not do much except for a few grinds and plate stahls, but did not have any bails or falls. Good way to get back into things.
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