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pumping, again lol.....
Once you get pumping down, you will never forget it. I have not tried any old tricks, but I am going so f'n fast and I love it. Eventually, you can learn to roll in and you will have more speed then you know what to do with. I love rolling in and grinding the big wall and then doing a long grind over the small bowl. I finally found a new line, but I still need to work out the kinks.

: Well, I got the idea down now, I think. Sorry for all the beginners stuff but I seem to be progressing slowly on the pumping and I need to get this right before moving on really. :-D
: OK now my balance is more challenged after doing it. If I push too hard, it puts me leaning backwards. I can go past the coping if I get it right but leaning far back on the other side and that messes me up on transitions and I have no idea how to straighten up on stalls. I'm parallel to the ground. I think I need to relearn balance and practice? It took me 2 weeks to figure it out just dropping in without the first pump. But wow, that was exciting the first time I tried it and got extra propulsion, I was so excited I didnt know what to do! OK, still dont lol. I think I have a hard time of thinking about more then one thing at a time so I might only be able to think about one side at a time til I master it. I need an extra brain chip maybe to think about 2 things in one sec?
: OK also if you got lots of speed and push off to get more air and are leaning back. Then you fly INSIDE towards the center of the ramp and are flying and for some reason you only turned 90 degrees and knowing you are going to flat bottom the ramp, what do you do hahahaha? SPLAT!!!!!! I donno why I couldnt turn to get my knees down but you cant slide the bottom? Actually, nothing hurts right now, maybe something purple and blue tomorrow. :-D
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