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Got a new camera
Yes, we can all camp in Roberts room lol! So who snores? :-D

Hey Robert, you should have taped me today skating. I went to the speed session and one of the girls let me borrow here 5 wheeled speed inlines after we finished up. They had a wheel that goes totally in from of the toe and one totally behind the heel. It was helarious, felt like I had bozo feet! I made it 3 times around and fell over sideways lol, I was funny lookin! No, I didnt do crossovers. :-O

: You might as well join us too. We are completely across the county from each other.
: : Good footage Robert,I liked watching that,,hope to see some roller action soon.
: : You and Claudine should shak up and could do the filming for each other.
: :
: : cheers joe
: :
: : I bought a camera last week and just started playing with it and doing some editing. I am not very good yet, but this is a clip I put together. Sorry for no rollerskaters, but I was doing the filming and I am the only rollerskater at this park. Soon I will have someone film me.
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