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oldschool: Rob Roskopp, Fred Blood, etc

Hi all :)

googlin around, I found an interview:

"Would you have sleeping bags?

Yeah, that was the only bummer?it was cold in that place. One day, Roskopp busted-out rollerskates and charged the park. I think Duane Peters, Steve Olson and Fred Blood were there and Fred Blood was just ripping?he was kind of a loud, obnoxious guy. But anyway, the next time we went up there, Rob had some rollerskates and he tried ?em out?he must?ve already had ?em. Then I remember a couple of weeks later before we went, he ordered the right kind of rollerskates ?the same kind Fred Blood was riding?and he got Indy hangers for it, skateboard wheels on it. He was ripping. Rob?s originally from Michigan and he used to play hockey as a kid, so he knew how to maneuver around.?it came to him pretty easily. I just remember him riding the two-thirds, but I think he could pretty much skate everything. He had that, what?s it called? The little side-stance? Right off the get-go. He made it look so easy. I remember asking, ?Let me try it.? I tried it for, like, a second and said, ?This is retarded. There?s no way?I cannot get my feet to go sideways like that."

Did anyone make fun of him?

We all horsed around with him, but he was so good, (laughs) it was like, ?Woah!? It was kind of hard to make fun of him.


Some guy on rollerskates did 540s out of the halfpipe.

Yeah! Fred Blood.

That wasn?t Duke Rennie?

No, that was Fred Blood.

I couldn?t believe it. I was like, ?What was that??

Yeah, exactly! I remember seeing that stuff, too. So we were there probably the same day. It was rad enough that he was doing that 540, but I remember it was so high compared to...cuz you can?t really do ?em low. I just remember going, ?Man, the guy?s like five feet out!?"

"Do you have any stories about Rob Roskopp?

The funny thing about Roskopp is that he was like this toally straight, laid-back kid in the beginning, and he was a rollerskater. He was the hottest rollerskater from anywhere around. I can't wait to find those pictures to send, because you know what? I don't think any pictures of him rollerskating have ever been published. It's going to blow people's minds to see that. That's going to be, like, the talk of the...that's going to be big-time. I was supposed to send those to Kevin Thatcher because he was interested in those. Somewhere down the line, I don't know, man, people kept talking to him about skateboarding.


Rob skateboarded before that. I saw him skateboarding in 1978 in a backyard pool in Cincinnati with the Pachinko Team. This was at least a year before Apple opened.

Well, it seemed almost immediate when he got himself a good skateboard. I mean, just like unbelievable?practically overnight?he just ripped. He was always doing these insane airs. He probably was the first local to launch out of that two-thirds pipe into that halfpipe, like, near the top, I mean...just full-on speed and flying out of that thing on a skateboard. But he was doing it on rollerskates first?no skateboarders were doing that. He just took full advantage of that thing?I've got some great pictures of him popping out of that two-thirds pipe. Actually, some of the best photographs I have are of Roskopp. And it's funny?because he didn't have a sponsor back then?but when Duane Peters came, he became really good friends with Peters. By then, Rob was starting to get more hardcore?he was starting to break out of that "good-boy" thing and just kind of started gettin' into the scene and partying and whatever. He got to be friends with Duane, and the next thing you know he had a sponsorship. Rob was a ripper?he fully deserved it and he always skated Peters boards, always skated Santa Cruz stuff and Independent trucks. He was an Indy man back then, I think."

Here comes a pic of Fred Blood:


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