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better plate?
Boen were Italian, on used market only. Lazer are french made and you can find them only at Hawaiisurf shop. Both are top plates. They have the ideal pop you need to absorb road low frequency vibration. Rolline look good but maybe too stiff for outdoor (just my thinking from how they are buit, don't have tried them).
I don't know about the probe plates, but I tried nylon plates like the Fiberlite: plus were light, cheap, quit strong but minus was too soft in torsion. So good for street, jumping, maybe not for long distance speed. As you are not heavy, they could fit your need.
Remember for the cleats, just cut the ones you need to fit the shoe on the plate, so probably no need to cut them all.


: If I get this job, I will want a plate for indoor speed and outdoor trekking/jumps. But those arent in the US? I might like the probes OK for outside.
: Cutting off the rubber cleats is taking a LONG time......
: : Boen plates!!!! or french Lazer: very good response, light, strong. Exists in all sizes!!! The Millenium is only in one size, the Jumper doesn't have toe stop, but is heavier(but unbreakable), all with life time warranty !!!
: :
: :
: : : I'm bidding on skates on ebay for indoor speed. Whats a better plate X-4 or cyclone, both single action? The price is going up so I need to decide on one. They are both the same boots.
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