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Skate video
Very nice video Robert!!!!
Was in the early 90's?


: You are a really awesome skater Robert!!!!!!! I loved the video! Was that they style of inlines back then too? Cause the focus on inlines is all on the slides now.
: Wow, wish we lived next door, you could teach me!
: : One more try:
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: : : Hi all,
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: : : I have recently been trying to figure out video editing with my new camera. I have an old video that my buddy converted to digital, but he only gave me an edited version of quicktime. I was trying to figure out how to convert the video from .mov to avi and I did it. I was hoping to edit the video, but I could not change the music so this is almost in full form. When I was in college, I took many years off of skating as I always do. This was a video to try to get sponsored. It did get me sponsored by Bauer and this video will show the beginnings of vertical inline skating. Not very good, but if you look at the skates you will see this was way back in the day. The end of the video was me trying to skate a small ramp on inlines and I was not too good. I got third place because I did not do any big airs. This was the first time they saw flips on inline skates.
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