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Well, I'm ready to pack my bags and move, as long as there is another skater that loves to skate like I do!!!! Today is my birthday so I'm going skating but have noone to skate with today. But it should be fun. Its an indoor skate park so it will be nice and warm, and I want to do a stall today! :-D

: : : : : My first pics from the skate park in Cairns are online:
: : : : :
: : : : : Crazy bowl! And best of all, Cairns is in the tropics so it should be never cold there.
: : : :
: : : : Any jobs there for me lol? Wow, nice.......
: : :
: :firstly merry x mas to you all . secondly i,ll get you a job claudine if you venture over .cairns looks rad , we,re going there next june . it has 7 foot trans . our new park at knox has 9 foot trans . we,re going there tomorrow for our first roll , we are very excited . knox has 3 bowls joined to a large half pipe with captual end . cheers h ........ at's pretty likely. The Australian economy seems to be in pretty good shape. Cairns in particular is a boom town. They seem to be constantly on the look-out for someone re-shaping their web-sites. They seem to have almost no unemployed people. Probably Joe and Ludi can something more qualified about this.
: :
: : Well, I took my final. I think the programming is now a thing of the past. It blew my mind up so I'm sticking with graphics. And skating!!
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