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I got my birthday present: STALLS!!!!!!! :-D
Good onya ,,how old are you? we need footage of the action too.

cheers joe

: Yes, I had a BLAST today! Even if it was just me. The kids were all nice (made me feel OLD cause noone was over 18 I think) and I did FRONT SIDE STALLS! I'm so freaking happy and stoked!!!!!!!!!!!! My first trick!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):) My goal for the year. :-D
: IIt was a fun park, very different, but not my favorite. The top floor they had the mini halfpipe, too small to really ride the ramp but perfect for me to learn stalls and practice lip tricks. I couldnt get the backside ones for some reason. My wheels would go all over the coping, sometimes one would catch it and that would send me on my knees. My feet seemed to spralled. But I got the front ones! Once I did it 4 times consecutively before I bailed!! WOO-HOO!!! I got a high 5 for it cause it took me over an hour til I got it.
: Below there were these lines of ramps from one side to another. You started on one that was 8 feet up but went down, flat then down to a small ramp where you could get some air, then a bigger ramp that went up 7 feet. Then you could go into a halfpipe but I wimped out. I never dropped in from 7 feet but I did today after I sweated it up a few. I donno why, scared of heights here so whenever I go taller its scary at first. Then dropped in and loved it cause I got GOOD speed! Skated 4 hrs and ruined my birthday dinner on the way home, I was too starved to drive all the way and had to eat for two lol, OK, now I'm BEAT!!!!!! It was expensive to go there but I had FUN.
: Happy birthday to meeeeeeeee! I'm a happy girl! (Old woman lol!) :-D
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