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Yeah, the small factor is so nice since we are like one big family. I've skated twice with another roller skater. I hope it happens again! That was a lot of fun but noone else is into it, not even on occasion. I do some speed skating now too and am the only roller skater there also. So I rarely skate with another roller skater. But they give me a great workout! But it would help me if I had someone else to watch and skate with. Well, one day I might move next door to Robert lol, he has nice weather too. :-D

: Hey Claudine theres just the two of us down here and two in Sydney.We are very spoilt for terain and we apreciate and maintain it as best we can.Its good to be a part of a tight little group as it is to be part of a big scene so wichever way the vert roller thing goes ,,it's all good.I do like it small myself wich doesn't suit if you want to make money out of it but is good if you want to know your crew.
: cheers joe
: : : This is Ludi at knox,last sunday sesh before xmas,first ever sesh at the new park,,enjoy.
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: : : cheers joe
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: : That looks like fun! Joe you are so lucky, there seems to be a couple roller skaters where you live. I guess there are more roller skaters over there then here? I worry that quads are a dying sport. When I called the indoor skateparks here, they never heard of quads. I might be the first they've seen!!
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