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Rock n Rons bearings...spacers?
It's an endless subject with my french buddies (some canadian too ;-)), but for me it's always with spacers!!!! For wheels I couldn't get the right spacers length, I tried without, respecting a small play, but then bearing were killed much faster as the wheels side loads/impacts are supported by one bearing instead of 2... You need to find the right spacer size: 10mm for the Bowl Bombers. Ron even makes custom spacers for each wheel he produces....

: They seem to be the same on both sides so I just put them in. But do I need the spacers? I left them out.
: Wow, I spun them with the wheels on and compared them to my old ones. Dang, they keep on spinning and spinning and spinning like theres a motor in them, its wild! This is totally cool!!!!!
: : Does it matter which side you put in cause it looks like there is no shield? I got em!
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