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Wheels, bearing, grinding
I had a great time at Charmcity skatepark again! Today, I did the full run and went down and back on the 5 1/2-6 foot halfpipe at the end of it too. And I manage to do a backside stall!!! Just one successful one! In the process, I also did a face plant, hip plant, knee plants, azz plant, etc lol. I donno, just lookin goofy trying I guess! I even succeeded in doing the one bail that Lisa has on her site of her first time doing 50-50s. So too bad its not on film cause I would have a nice "watch me hurt myself" video going for everyone to entertain themselves. But I had fun and got at least one backside stall down!

But the problem I'm having is that I guess a screw on the coping is gone or something cause the coping is very low. So low that when I drop in, I'm standing on my rear wheels since there isnt enough to clasp on in most places. I dont remember it being this low last time. But this made it really hard to clasp on for the stalls too. I was mostly stalling the wood edge today. Then when I tried the 50-50, my wheels were too big so I didnt actually grind the rail, my wheels just caught and I went slamming! Since its a tiny ramp, the slope is not near vertical so that interferes too I think.

So are 64mm wheels too big for this? I guess I now understand why Lisa rides 56mm because on this small ramp that would have worked better for the lip tricks. If so, which wheel would be good? I like the 95a range wheel. I'm light and that has a good roll/slight grip ratio for me.

Also, disappointed in the bearings. I really noticed no difference in speed. I'm sure if I were cruising, they would roll longer before slowing down, but on short sprints, the top speeds werent much different then my abecs. The roll was sweet though, very smooth, no grittiness at all, so the roll was tops, but no noticeable change in my performance ie speed or airs. Most things I've changed on my setup have had a dramatic improvement so it was worth every penny, this just made the roll feel nicer. Honestly, I think the REDS wouldnt feel too much different. Would I notice more of a difference in the bowls and larger ramps? Right now I'm trying to get some lip tricks, so keeping on the baby ramp for now so I dont smash my head or break something! I guess the fact they will last longer makes up for the extra cost of the bearings, but I was hoping for crazy amounts of speed.

I would like to do 50-50s now also, but cant since my trucks dont touch the coping with such large wheels. I'm thinking they are also causing problems on the backside stalls? Are these wheels best for bowls? They are great at the outdoor skatepark and larger ramps but that was before I was trying lip tricks. I dont want slower wheels though. I also dont really want to invest in a wheel if its only good for this one ramp. Confused.......... Just wish the wheels were smaller for this ramp anyways.

I'm pretty stoked about the one backside stall though! :-D
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