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tracker plates on ebay!
Well I agree, but dont agree. For one you are lucky you have normal feet. Trust me, if your heel was slipping all over the place, yes it would cause problems with skating! Thats why I never rode those hockey boots for long, My foot was all over the place and that was asking for a serious injury. I bought 2 pairs of crappy skates cause the boot hurt my feet before finding one that will do.

I also think that appropriate wheels and wheel placement is necessary. Wheels that stick or totally slip will cause problems. I spent extra for elbow pads that fit and bulky knee pads and gaskets cause that is cheap compared to a major injury. But I think that amount of money they are asking is outrageous.

Me personally, I dont spend money on most things. I dont really eat out. I think spending $10 a day on lunch is stupid, others think thats a nice break from work and worth it. Others go to the bar and drink that up and then some, I dont. Or like to buy nice clothes. I on the other hand would spend that $10 a day on skating without thinking about it. I guess we all have our priorities. I will spend extra when these boots ware out cause I'm tired of tying my shoes so darn tight that my feet hurt so the heels dont slip. I dont care if it costs me $60-$100 more for custom if I can skate for 4 hours without my feet hurting or having my heel slip. But I might make a heel snug tie to add an eyelet so hopefully I dont have to tie them so tight and wont have to spend the money. I will probably get the 595s next time cause of this. I wouldnt spend that much on a plate though. I would have one cut. But I love mine and wouldnt part with mine now for the world. Even if I cant skate and end up in a wheel chair. I would keep those skates as memories for the best days of my life. I will sell my car before I sell my skates. Those are worth a million dollars to me!!

: I have been seeing a lot of this shit and it makes me mad. My entire set up was $300 and those plates aren't shit. Everyone is coming out of the wood work to make money off of the old school skaters. I can say that I was oldschool, but I will admit that I was young and not in touch with the scene. I don't think I ever was or ever will be a true oldschooler. lol I am getting a little annoyed about everyone's obsession for hardware. You can either skate or not. I don't think what you are riding makes that much of a difference. It would be so convenient for me to say that I can't pull any tricks because I don't have the latest hardware, but I did it with crap when I was younger. Claudine, you are my buddy and I really love your enthusiasm, please do not get too caught up in this shit. I seriously don't think a plate, wheels or boot will really influence my skating. The better gear will help you do better, but they will not help with the tricks. Ten years ago skaters were doing fine with out this expensive shit. What a person rides may help them, but it has no affect on their skill and their tricks. Please don't get sucked into the hype. I rode the worst skates and inline skates and still did my shit. When I became an inline skater, I broke wheels everyday in Marsaille France. I got to the point where I had two wheels on each skate. My point is that equipment is a luxory, but has no impact on how you skate.
: : They are asking A LOT of money though.
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