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You always crack me up. Unless you plan on doing a trick, just carve. It would make me so happy to fly out there and try to help you. I am going to spend the next six months actually skating well and then maybe I will come out and give you a hand. Right now I am not much of a role model. I hate long flights and driving, but I may bite the bullet and hook up one of these days. Who in this forum would be willing to travel somewhere and meet up? I think we all have to meet up somewhere. I don't think New York, Maryland, Los Angeles or Oregon is out of the question. Sorry to the Euopeans and Ozzies, but you live way too far for a short trip. Who can manage a weekend trip?

: I found out the bowl here has lights, and its not too far from work so if there are people out there it stays open til 9pm!! And there is a drain so 24 hrs after a rain, its good to roll.
: The bowl is pretty mellow. Its about a 4 1/2 foot roll in and the other side is no more then 6 feet tall with flat coping. So I think I"m ready! But still havent really learned how to carve. How should I start out? Its not a big bowl, small kidney shaped where I have to carve left, not my strong side. Should I go in and hit the wall like a halfpipe first then start to make arcs? Or should I go in and work my way out first? Its not scary now just new.
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