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Tobi (pictures by Tobi)
Variflex plates + ACS hangers, hardware, mounting positions

Hi Irene,

: I've broken plenty of Variflex plastic pivots landing
: stuff, that's why the metal ACS hangars are perfect, like
: they were made to fit exactly.

Sounds great!

: I also used the "Clouds" cushions. I had a blue and white
: one on each truck.

Do you know the name of the maker/vendor?

: Pivot bushing are hard to find. I recently found Suregrip
: (rollerskate platemaker) ones will fit with a little
: shaving down.

Thanks for the tip :)

English is not my native language, so perhaps you can help me with terminology:

"pivot bushing" == "pivot cup" ?

: All skateboard hardware will work (kingpins and nuts, axle
: nuts, cushions, bearings, etc).


: Post a pic of the new setup when you're done.

sure :)

My plan is to replace the Variflex hangers with the ACS 500 hangers. Later, I'll try to make some kind of grind bar (metal) or slider (plastic), wrap straps, and perhaps insert a thin plate between the sneakers and the plates (eg like this [1]).
It will still look a lot like now:

[1] I don't think I'll ever mount the plates differently than now. The concept of mounting short plates all the way to the front is said to offer greater maneuverability (smaller turning radius), but I think that should be the job of the steering mechanism, eg the angle of the kingpin etc.
I also think that the argument of greater stability forgets backwards skating.
When I land, I want to have the rear axle all the way at the rear side, and the front axle all the way at the front, but also in all other situations. Even Naval himself writes "[...talking about the shoe...] At the end of the day I regret that I didn?t mount them further forward as I lose a bit of power when starting." ("Enfin je regrette de ne pas l?avoir fait monter plus en avant, on perd un peu en puissance de démarrage.")


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