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Santa Monica Skatepark
Robert, you are so lucky! Well, least I'm working now and getting experience and money so I can make a move one day!! Its so freakin cold here!! Plus its dark and everything is an hour drive away. But I will try my best til spring.

: Tuesday night would be pretty hard. There are so many good parks in So Cal it is amazing. I plan on hitting Pedlow in Encino. Still plan on hitting the Cove. Near me there is Etnies and Vans. So far, I have only skated Laguna Niguel and Costa Mesa. I really have not done much skating before I broke my elbow or after. I am hoping to get in a lot of skating this year and make some good improvements. The Vans park looks like a lot of fun, but it is relatively expensive. It is like $8 for two hours. Why pay when I have a free park down the street? I say we all pick a city with awesome skateparks and make a weekend or week to meet up and skate. I'm buying............
: if I win the lotto.
: : The whole park is real fun, many levels to play on. I don't think Fred has skated since 2004 MOR @ Woodward West. Duke Rennie hits it every Tues nite w/other rollerskaters. I can try to confirm if this is still the deal, if you're interested in joining them one nite. Maybe some of your skateboarder buddies will go and check out the park with you.
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: : : Yeah, I have been wanting to check it out. The pool looks really nice. Who skates there? I heard Fred Blood has not skated for a year according to someone I just skated with. That would be awesome to hook up with some rollerskaters.
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: : : : Rollerskating goes on regularly at this park.
: : : : It's about an hour drive from Costa Mesa (Robert).
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