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I carved my first bowl tonight!!
Congratulations! You are going to have even more fun now that are getting it down.

: Yep, I did a line!! Wow, this is much more fun they regular skateparks. I still dont have the carving left real well. I think you are supposed to put more weight on the inside foot, so more weight on the left foot carving left? I seem to favor my right foot and also sometimes I think I have too much weight on my rear wheels. This is new to me so sometimes my feet get too far sprawed in the turns or its not a nice carve. I really think I need to lossen my trucks, just didnt have time.
: I'm not really pumping much but once I did it in a corner and wow I got some speed! But first I'm trying to just get the line right. I had to make the first carve steep cause on the entire far right side of the bowl, dew from the tree came down and it was all wet. SLIPPERY! :-(
: What I did was drip in one end to the other side on the same end, carve left to the far side, carve right and do a figure 8 back to the side I dropped in, carve left, go to the other end, straight up, go fakie, carve left going fakie and thats where I bail lol. But dang, thats more then I expected!! I expected a sore ass lol.
: There was a guy there that told me the line to follow. He was very helpful and gave me places of more bowls to go. But bummer, seems like all bowls are an hour away, oh well. But he was a really good skater! Just like me but he skated 2 skateboards and they werent tied to his feet!!!!!!
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