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type-S Wheels
: : Do they have good grip? The killer bees look nice but wide. Problems with the cockroaches so cant ride :-( them now and my other wheels are too clumpy and slow.
: sorry to have missed your call today, but so far these type-s wheels are great. no chipping, little signs of wear after 6 sessions or so. they come with ridges on the riding surface that will wear off over time and the only time they've slipped was because the ramp surface (skatelite) was dusty. daniel rides them, too and thinks any slipping is due to the skater mis-pumping the tranny. we both found them fast and light. what size are you thinking of getting?

I'm tired of thinking about wheels so I ordered the 58mm. Thats 1mm smaller then what I was in love with. The killer bees are square which doesnt work as well for me. I'm so darn small. Seems like I accelerate faster and can do stalls much easier on smaller wheels. I feel more stable lower to the ground too. The 64mm are so clumsy I feel like I skate with bozo feet! I tried to do stalls with them and couldnt really last night and I was doing them with the smaller wheels. Thats why the hurry. I'm out of a cockroach wheel so cant use those and I am too impatient to wait another 2 weeks, etc. I liked the harder wheel and it doesnt slip at all when I push and its 96a, 20 yrs old so I'm thinking it might be harder. I like small skinny wheels. I think large wheels are faster on long distance. Ramps and bowls to me seem to be more acceleration. I hope they dont slip on me! I wish I were bigger so I wouldnt have to worry bout grip but I'm done growing I think.

Well, now I'm broke and cant fix up my speed skates but the bowls won over my heart. :-D
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