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Skating at Pedlow
I could barely move on saturday and sunday, but I feel great now. Next time I remember, I will check out the wheels on my other skates. I bought them brand new and used them once. They are extremely grippy, but seemed slow to me. I was going to offer to give them to you and just thought of an amazing trade. : ) I am not happy with my grind bars. I need a set up where my plates lock on to coping. Maybe you could hook me up? I have realized that I can't progress on my set up. I am going to read some of the different threads that you all have posted about different plate set ups. I want an upside down V that is wider and allows me to hook on to coping and not hang up. Grind bars are great for serious coping slides, but I don't do that. I like old fashioned plate stahls.

: Ouch, hope you are OK! I do those falls a couple times an hour lol. I'm very frustrated tonight cause I got some roller skate speed wheels that were supposed to be super grippy for my speed skates. Finally, I was supposed to get these wheels for Christmas. For me they didnt have any grip when I was pushing so I got no speed out of them. I'm glad I didnt invest much in my speed skates cause they are slippery cause I guess I dont weigh enough. I'm too small for everything it seems! Then they lost my type-s wheels in the mail and I'm OK with that cause they probably would be too hard for me anyway so least I didnt lose more money. Least I got pads worked out this summer which manage to fit good enough and finally got my vert skates to be work amazingly for me. But I guess I shouldnt complain cause when I bail, there is no weight on my landings. I rarely hurt myself when I fall. I'm the happiest girl ever when I'm in the bowls. So I will happily stay a bowl skater! Hope you dont wake up sore.
: : Last weekend I took an hour drive to meet up with some skateboaders I met on my other forum. This is a park I have never skated, but it was awesome. The night before our water heater burst and my place got soaked. I ended staying up almost all night and got about two hours of sleep. I had only been skating for about 45 minutes and I had this fall. Too bad I had a friend who does not skate filming because he did not do a great job filming. My legs gave out and I slammed so hard. I landed on my hip and shoulder and hit my head. This was similar to the fall I had when I broke my elbow, but luckily I am feeling pretty good now.
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