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Lyon 2007
: : I was told there are no fast quads so I would have to switch to inlines.
: That might be the case. But there are fast roller skates! And in the half pipe and in the bowls, roller skates are way faster than inlines. That's because you can use bigger and harder wheels.
: : I dont like inlines. I cant make them turn right, they arent fun.
: That's true.
: : I think I will stop speed skating instead.
: Do they make you stop because they hassle you?

Speed inlines with 100mm wheels are way faster then any quads out there! Plus, the floor there is really slick and I cannot find a roller skating wheel for my weight that grips enough to give me traction to push off the floor. I have no grip cause I'm so small and the floor is slicker then concrete even. I dont want to buy anything else right now either. I tried on a girls pair of inlines, and her wheels felt like rakes, mine its halfway to ice so I cant put any power in my skates. They are redoing the floor I was told.

Quads arent prohibited yet, but they certainly arent included really. They are discouraged. Most teams I was told prohibit quads since we "get in the way". They just keep telling me I need to switch to speed inlines if I want to get any speed.

The rinks I'm way too fast so not sure what I can do during the week to get in shape for the next month. The parks are too far to drive after work to have time to skate much and there is snow/ice outside so not much if a chance to skate outside. I cant seem to motivate myself to lift weights or ride my bike on rollers now. Can I borrow some of Roberts tissues?
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