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Hey Zorg
Thats a great video! I'm trying to get the back stalls down and the 50-50 truck grinds. So I was happy to see it!!

: Cool Buddy,just wanted to know your opinion,Ive never realy riden rainskates myself but I use to ride inlines for cozmo(cortech) and I'm good friends with the cortech dood in Melbourne so I'd feel a bit dirty riding anything else plus I know they are some of the best wheels around.
: keep us informed
: cheers joe
: ps:I found this in my pic collection,I always thought it was a crap photo but it turned out to be a clip from early last year.enjoy,or not

: : Hi Joe, I've mounted the rainskate with new bearings and tested them on small ramps, they rule!!!!!
: : I have not tested the Cortech yet. Before, I need time to extract properly the bearing from my Powell PF: they are stuck inside, need to heat them a bit to remove them smoothly....and put them in the Cortech !!!!!!!!!
: :
: : Cheers
: :
: : : Hey Zorg ,have you tried the cortechs out yet?How do you like them?
: : :
: : : cheers joe
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