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Cortech disks
Thanks to Joe, Bernhard and finaly some good weather, I tried the Cortech discs (98a/60mm) these last sessions. I love them!!!!!
On 2m ramps (fiber glass/gel coat), their grip is between the rainskates and the Powell PF.
Speed/acceleration is very good (the core disk maintains the wheel shape under pressure).
For tricks on the coping, the shape is perfect (take care, they clip a bit more than wheels with bigger diameter).
The wheels are leathed, so perfectly concentric with the bearings, with micro grooves that helps to grip.
On the bearing seats, the bearings are tightly secured which is good, as lateral impact thends to tilt a bit the bearings (used a hair dryer to dilate a bit (40c) and put the bearings in). The only minus is that the spacers are a bit less than 10mm, so I put 25 years old bearings without spacers (ouch!!!!) before I find/make the good spacers (or making thin washers between bearing/wheel) with new bearings.
A very good point is that I loose 150gr per skate with the Cortech!!!!
I'm impatient to try them (and the Rainskates) on bigger ramp and in bowls!!!!!!!!!


And thanks again very much Joe and Bernhard!!!!!

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