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Info on pain cheaters/knee pads
: : : Interesting info.
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: : : For me, the Scabs last longer than three years. But that's because I do not very often land on my knees. The main factor limiting the life of my pad is the velcro straps.
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: : I just wanted to post this cause it was my impression that these knee pads would last forever. I love my scabs! I dont need "more." They have ample protection for me. I never feel a landing. I would only change if I found the same pad slightly smaller and more maneurverable.
: I thought you had ProDesign pads? Scabs are made by Smith.

I have pro-designed elbows. Pretty good but missing some skin off my forearm now lol. I have scabs knee pads. They were an inch less wide and more maneuverable. But I cannot wear them without gaskets cause they spin on me then. Being small makes life difficult at times.
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