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Camera comes in ONE week! SHoulder, hopefully not too much longer. Hurts to put my seatbelt on now. :-( If you have hints on falling from upsidedown, would love to hear them!!

: Thanks for Swann ;-) and recover fast, spring is here!!!!
: For me, taking vids helps me in two ways:
: -during the session it provides a "public" effect: as I am often alone, it's hard to keep motivation 2/4hours, so riding under the eye of the camera pushes me to do more/better.
: -after session, I can analyse the moves and find what to do for trying to improve...
: Cheers
: : Well, think I wont be able to do handplants for a couple weeks maybe now cause my shoulder hurts. :`( But I shoud have my camera on Monday finally!
: :
: : I skate like Zorg's kids. Nothing great but I enjoy doing tricks lots!! I havent been skating that long so everything I learn is new and pretty darn exciting.
: :
: : This is what I look like doing my "froggy plant" lol, but I turn around before I put my hands down and go down forwards.
: :
: :
: :
: : When I"m healed, I'll do a video of me carving the bowl and doing my front stalls, a grab and my froggy plant. :-D
: : : I think ice while it's swelling,then it's warmth and rest.We NEED photos girl,,stop teasing us..
: : :
: : : cheers joe
: : :
: : : : I guess I twisted it good. Its sorta stiff now. Ice? What else?
: : : :
: : : : : How long and what do others do when warming up? I hurt my shoulder a bit today cause after I stretched, I pretty much started practicing my handplants cause I was ready to rip lol. Well, I landed on my hip and over extended my shoulder so it was sore. I think if I were warmed up more it wouldnt be as sore. Or maybe its cause I've been working too much and sitting on my ass all week the last 2 weeks?
: : : : :
: : : : : Anyway, then I decided to try out some grabs and I got one! I can grab my left sliders with my left hand. :-D My fingers tips got sore cause the sliders are rough but I think I did it right! Wow that is fun!!!!! I didnt get to skate long cause my shoulder, bummer! :-(
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