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my vert skates
hey man I really hope you remember me...I sent you already an email a few minutes ago...
If you are going to do your europe tour....just note that you are really welcome here in Trier...just let me know if you need any help to try to find some places to stay...I don't know if I can do lot...but never forget the good times/evenigs we had with Will, Sarazin, your wife and just let me know when you will be around the area here...and don't give a shit on all the b.shit people are talking about....
big bizzzz the ptite casque pointe

: Greetings and love to one an all.
: My name is Boualem Ghali (Toto).
: Iam sending a message to those who can understand it, for the rest fuck it:
: iam sick of bullshit about me
: Yes Iam still skating.
: no Iam not i jail.
: No iam not gay,....
: I mean How could i stop beeing?????
: anyway This is a message for those who understood that this is time to make a tour.
: -all around europe then will see.
: I invite all skater pool vert and street.
: to join this tour.
: At least 20 days across the best spots(with all means).
: anyone who like this idea contact me.
: sorry but this tour is limited to old school or Jurassic school like me.
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