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H. Ludi
krypto stoppers
: Oh, I cant worry about what others think too much cause I''m too eccentric lol! I dont think you can worry bout those things and be a vertical roller skater. I usually dont fit it but somehow I manage. :-D
: Yes, my pumping still needs work but now I can bend at the knees good. :-D When my knee was injured, I was so stiff and couldnt pump at all. I hope riding my bike will give my quads the power so I can really pop out over the coping!! I think its both technique and strength. Now I can roll around (I hope) in the big bowl lol....
: : good work !!! now don't forget to train pumping (in the bowl)
: :
: : Cheers
: :
: : : : Hey Bernhard, got them today and these fat dudes are STICKY! Nice and grippy for sure. Best out there I say. ;-D So I cut off the bottom tips so they wont get in the way of grinds. They look a little goofy now but the front tips will wear down in time. If I cut off the front tips to make them aesthetically pleasing, I would lose time with them I think. Think I did OK?
: : :
: : : I like your approach of favoring usefulness over aesthetics. Your solution is unique and clever (as usual).
: : :
: : : And yes, I also think that the Krypto stoppers are the best for street and ramp skating. Possibly there is something better suited for figure skating, but I do not know much about that.

i could use toe protectors as well, ive nearly worn through my mission boot. i saw some at the rollersk8ting rink where we take our 5 yr old, rory. he has been about 8 times now and last week he had a go at inexperienced speed sk8ting and he ripped. we may have the next generation vert sk8tr on the way,i hope.
cheers h.

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