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claudine (videos by claudine) (pictures by claudine)
Another women... :-D
I saw that! :-D Wow I get excited when I see another female skating, ESP. on quads, woo-hoo!! I was on u-tube for hours last night getting in some vacarious skating lol. Thats awesome!

One thing I wonder, seems like women in general dont bend their knees as much and I think thats why we dont get as much power. Is it a strength thing? Same thing with the skateboarder girls too. Thats what I'm hoping by riding my bike that I'll get some mean quads and mega power to fly over the coping!!

: ... vid from Elrubiogay:
: cheers
: : : hey yo!!
: : :
: : : CHEERS
: :
: : Tell me all the the f*^k do you slide like that? That is so bad ass!! Tell me! ;-D
: :
: : Thanks for doing frontstance too. My goal this summer to learn to do back stalls and slide like that. Freakin awesome man!!
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