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h ludi.
My ace dig helmet!
: I got it, its cool! I got the olive green one so its sort of army like lol.
: Well, after I got it and compared it to the s-one, wow, the s-one seems really cheaply made and its more soft foam. So wouldnt do so well in a hard fall! I'm not an expert on helmets by no means, but the s-one in comparison seems to be more of a slow speed/street helmet then suitable for aggressive? This one has thicker outer shell and more dense foam.
: But of course it didnt fit quite right without adjustment lol. ;-D I got the youth/small but both pads were too big. But when I put both pads on together (both are less then a mm thick each) it was perfect. So I used some 3M 77 adhesive to glued them together for the sides. It felt too short so I took the top of my head pad off. Is that OK? Like I said, the pads are only less then a mm and its comfy. So now it fits snug. The visor screws off and there is velcro piece there too. And there is a rubber piece in the rear to attach googles in. So no room for the NYC sticker Irene gave me, bummer, but otherwise think I got a deal! Its kinda a pain to take the visor off so if I love the visor, might get another ace helmet for skate. Or is the one with full ears a good one? I think that would stay more on my head? I dont like stuff moving around...... Also, its not so wide in the back so now I'm less of a muschroom head lol. So yeah, no concussion woman here! :-D

sounds like youve got it all under control girl,
happy rolling. h.

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