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old skateboard
: : : : I found my old skateboard! I thought my Mom threw it away since I think she wanted more of a girl lol so its been hidden for almost 20 yrs. So I never got a chance to use it much. It has independent trucks, I assume independent bushions, the bearings are singapore, and 46mm pretty little kitty kat wheels. Is this any good? Cant seem to get any answers on this or if not, what needs an upgrade? The wheels are really tiny but ride ok so far. I know ind. trucks are pretty good but the other stuff I have no idea since its 20 yrs old. The board is flat in the center. Was messing on it today and I like it much better then the kryptonics board that was given to me which sucks cause the wheels dont even turn and the bolts dont move to losen them. But that board is curved. I donno, didnt like the flat board at first but seems cool now. If it doesnt bother my knee figure it might be fun on the streets! Sorry, I'm bored. I really miss skating and I'm trying to have fun while I heal.
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: : : I wouldn't concern myself with the concave of the deck, doesn't matter much in the beginning. Length and width of the deck is more important. Just learn to push around, kickturn, wheelies for starters. Indys are modern (hole pattern is new school) and great trucks, cushions look new. Wheels are a bit small. Are the wheels on the other board any good? I'd go at least 52mm, but as long as they roll, albeit not fast at 46mm.
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: : Later, will I want a concave deck? I dont know much about skateboarding, just I've always wanted to learn and its "fun" cause it still skates curves. I dont know if I should get a tail guard, etc. to make the board last if its good or just wear it out if its so-so. This is cool cause my knee bothers me if I have to push out to the side, but seems fine if I push back. If I dont start moving soon and regularly, I might blow lol. I've got to start having my fun after work!!
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: : If its not raining tomorrow, I will try some stuff. I really want to learn to ollie and just bomb the hills with it. Think it would be easier on street corners to hop off to stop then roller skates.
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: : Should I put in the same softness bushions as my skates? Those bushions are good, but the nuts are at the end. I wouldnt mind being able to losen my trucks more. The wheels seem OK. I have no idea on hardness. I could put the hard skateboard wheels I have here if you think they will be better. Dont think speed will be a big issue right now. Too bad my trucks arent old school. Thanks Irene! :-D
: Concave shapes make it easier to kickflip and helps your feet control better, it's personal pref that comes with experience. Sure, put in softer cushions and loosen your trucks. Tailguards make ollies harder to do, but will save the tail, just try not to scrap it up too much. If you jump off the board at speed (at intersections, say) you better run it out and hope the board doesn't get run over by a car. Same wheel rules apply, hardness depending on the surface you are riding on. The Krypto deck looks heavy and big?
: Have fun!

Well, figure I can run off the board early. Not so easy with roller skates lol. Too many steep hills/intersections here to make for good street rollerskating for a distance.

The krypto one sucks. I might lay it out for another kid so I see why it was a "freebie". I liked the shape of the board since it makes easy gripping, but one day messing on my old one, I'm warming up to it much more now. Much easier to move around! The krypto one weighs same about as my scooter lol. Thats why I never ride it. Clumsy. Wheels dont roll well, pisses me off! Well, tomorrow I will have fun and see if I can learn more new tricks. Not supposed to rain... I want to olie and jump up on the curb at least. :-P Thanks again!! I'm broke now but in 2 more weeks I can order some stuff for it, or my wheels for landsdowne, or lol, I'm greedy!!
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