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hip pads, again lol
I have the crash pads but they dont do me good enough. I altered them to fit me cause they were so big but the foam is too soft. I guess my hips are on the skinny side. So looking for something better, less restrictive.

: Claudine, don't you know you are not supposed to fall? lol I have crash pads, which go under your shorts. They were $75, but the two very bad slams that I have had, they saved me. When I broke my elbow, I hit my elbow, head and tailbone. These are some great pads.
: : I was told these shorts make great hip pads:
: :
: :
: : I'm not honestly happy with the butt pads cause the foam is very soft so if I hit hard, they dont help much and arent very comfortable. The hockey hip pads were definitely uncomfortable/bulky. These allow you to move and are loose and I was told they are effective! I seem to hit my hips hard on occasion doing some of the lip tricks and I dont plan on slowing down nor do I want to really hurt myself.
: :
: : I also thought about doing something similar to these shorts with upholstery velcro using medium density memory foam.
: :
: :
: : Comments, remarks, input? I'm bored outta my mind right now with this muddy/icy weather and letting my body heal so projects/research/ideas sound like a good deal for me right now!
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